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CBG Oil in Hemp Oil with 10% CBG 10ml. Wholesale Plant of Remedy
  • CBG Oil in Hemp Oil with 10% CBG 10ml. Wholesale Plant of Remedy

CBG Oil in Hemp Seed Oil 10% 10ml

Natural and Organic Hemp Seed Oil mixed with high quality CBG Crystal
> 10% CBG (1000mg)
> 10ml bottle with syringe top providing 200 drops (5mg per drop)
> 0% THC

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CBG oil comes from hemp or another selection of cannabis with a very low THC content, as THC has a psychoactive effect. The acid form of cannabigerol, called CBGa, is the precursor of all other cannabinoids. It is a dietary supplement taken sublingually or orally.
CBG oil acts on the endocannabinoid system, which consists of several receptors. It has a good concentration of terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD.

In addition, this oil acts as a buffer for the psychoactivity of THC. In other words, it reduces the psychotropic effect. In general, CBG is found in cannabis plants that contain a lot of CBD and very little THC.

Studies have shown that CBG oil helps to relieve stress. It has relaxing effects, perfect for combating fatigue and promoting well-being without unwanted side effects.

Other research has shown that CBG oil helps to relieve pain and nausea. By acting synergistically with other cannabinoids, CBG enhances all the beneficial properties of CBD (calming, relaxing, etc.).

The best quality CBG oils contain almost no THC and are rich in other cannabinoids, natural terpenes and nutrients.

Completely organic and natural.

Packaged in opaque glass bottles for protection against oxidation and light sources. Bottles arrive with a dropper for ease of use.

10ml bottle - (1000mg CBD)
200 drops per bottle - (5mg CBD per drop)

CO2 extraction.
No additives or synthetic ingredients.
Does not contain THC.
Contains instruction leaflet in languages: EN/IT/FR/ESP/DE/NL
Packaged in an opaque glass bottle to provide protection against oxidation and light. The bottles includes a dropper for easy use.
Food grade ingredients
This is a cosmetic product not intended for oral use.
The product is notified correctly in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
CPNP 3915097

Cosmetic CBD Oil Wholesale

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Cannabigerol
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