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Olive Oil with 30% CBD 10ml - PLANT OF REMEDY

Plant of Remedy CBD Oil made with organic Olive oil. Contains 30% CBD in 10ml of oil. Does not contain THC.
Plant of Remedy CBD Olive Oil - 30% CBD 10ml
CBD: 30%
Organic Certified olive oil mixed with CBD.
Made using a high quality CBD crystal.
100% organic and natural.

Packed in opaque bottles to provide protection against oxidation and light sources.
The bottles come with droppers for easy use.

10ml bottle - (3000mg CBD)
200 drops per bottle - (15mg of CBD p / drop)
Contains no additives or synthetic ingredients.
This is NOT in any way a narcotic/psychoactive substance or a toxicological drug.
This is a cosmetic product not intended for oral use.
The product is notified correctly in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP)
CPNP 3894077

Olio CBD Cosmetico ingrosso

Contains leaflet with instructions in languages: ESP / IT / FR / DE / EN / NL
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